Alex Fedossev is the founder and CEO of 1WorldOnline, an interactive platform where publishers and advertisers can boost their engagement, revenue, and performance with its powerful analytical tools and riveting content.

Alex Fedosseev

CEO and Founder, 1WorldOnline


With four years in India under his company’s belt-- Alex tells us about his experience launching in India and his advice to entrepreneurs who are looking to expand into India’s mass market!

Q: Alex it's great to have you with us today! So tell us, when did you realize you wanted to launch 1WorldOnline in India and why?

A: I wanted to launch my company in India because it is a great market for growth. It’s the perfect place to expand my business as it has thousands of publishers and brands within reach, which is what my company thrives off of.

Q: Great! So after launching in India, what was your experience and how did it change your company?

A: Since launching in India, I have seen a huge increase in our number of participants and signups to our 1WorldOnline website. In 2017, I was gained millions of dollars in revenue through a Diwali campaign we ran. The mere number of consumers that India has makes a huge difference in how a startup can expand its business.

Q: What kinds of obstacles have you faced in launching in India that you did not foresee? What challenges did you face?

A: Navigating the market through a cultural lens was difficult. I had to learn a lot about how to market to an Indian audience as they have different points of view. It’s important to engage with each user, understand their views, and answer their questions.

Q: Great advice! So, to stay on topic -- what advice would you give to other entrepreneurs that are fearful of stepping out of their comfort zone, and expanding into India’s mass market?

A: In general, it’s important to work with people you know -- people you trust as well as people with experience. As for expanding your business in India, bargaining is a big part of their culture -- you have to learn to negotiate upfront and understand that it’s a part of the business process.

Q: And lastly, what are you most excited about in the future for your launch in India?

A: I am most excited about India’s market overall. India brings volume and big numbers, especially when it comes to its marketplace for publishers. I’m especially excited about India’s crowdsource platform and its ability to help my company -- as I can utilize the volume of content India produces.

Q: Well, it was great speaking with you, Alex!

A: Thank you for having me!

You can learn more about 1WorldOnline and how it’s taking India by storm at https://welcome.1worldonline.com/!