Gaurang Torvekar is the co-founder and CEO of Indorse, an advanced Tech Assessment Platform where businesses of all sizes can use their industry experts to evaluate coding skills and tech capabilities of their developers, software, and data scientists.

Gaurang Torvekar

CEO and Founder, Indorse


We caught up with Gaurang to talk about how India changed Indorse for the better and what he has learned since launching in India.

Q: So Gaurang, when did you realize you wanted to launch in India and why?

A: As we started getting more and more enterprise clients towards the beginning of 2019, we started feeling the need to expand outside Singapore, which is a really great market as a testbed. India provides unique opportunities for us because of the high mobile and internet penetration and the size of the market.

Q: After launching in India, what was your experience and how did it change your company?

A: The Indian market is quite unique, and what works in other places does not always work in India. You have to tweak your business plans for a country like India!

Q: Great! To expand on that -- why do you feel it’s important for entrepreneurs to launch in a mass market, like India?

A: Mass markets like India provide economies of scale, and it can help take your business to the next level!

Q: Now that you have launched in India -- what kinds of obstacles have you faced that you did not foresee?

A: We had two main problems. Firstly, it was the price sensitivity from individuals and businesses. Secondly, there was a lack of trust between candidates undergoing technical assessments and the hiring managers. We are in the process of building new features to overcome these challenges.

Q: How did teaming up with Times Group help you navigate through these challenges?

A: The Times Group’s reach and ability to market throughout the region, coupled with expert business advice from their senior executives helped navigate the choppy waters in this new market.

Q: Amazing! And, what are you most excited about in the future for your launch in India?

A: We are excited to realize the full potential of this huge market, which will help take Indorse to the next level.

Q: And finally, what advice would you give to other entrepreneurs that are fearful of stepping out of their comfort zone, and expanding into India’s mass market?

A: For markets like India, it is very important to localize - both in terms of the features and also your business model. There are numerous examples like Flipkart which achieved tremendous success on the back of business model innovations like Cash on Delivery!

Q: Great advice! It’s been wonderful speaking with you, Gaurang!

A: It’s been a pleasure!

To learn more about what Indorse has been up to in India, you can visit https://indorse.io/!