Teague Orgeman, co-founder and CEO of Starting 11, created the first live daily fantasy football app that allows users -- football and soccer fans -- to engage in fantasy sports. Players get to create their dream 11-man lineup, manage, and participate in each and every Matchday

Teague Orgeman

CEO and Co-Founder, Starting 11


We had the pleasure of sitting down with him to talk about launching in India, partnering with us, and why India has been key in his success as a company.

Q: So Teague, when did you realize you wanted to launch an India and why?

A: I decided to launch Starting 11 in India in 2019. India has now become the single largest fantasy sports market in the world, and the fastest growing football fan market in the world. The combination of India’s market size and growth made it the perfect opportunity to scale in India.

Q: And, after launching in India, what was your experience? How did it change your company?

A: We have seen significant growth -- we are getting a couple of thousand new users everyday! While we are still in the early stages of launching in India with the Times Group, we have worked on brand awareness using various avenues such as digital channels, radio, and print advertisements in 10 different markets.

Q: That’s amazing! So in a general sense, why do you believe it is important to launch a startup in a mass market like India?

A: To me, it's all about scale. India provides early market mover advantages, has the biggest potential market in the world, and the best opportunity for growth. The combination of these three functions makes India’s mass market ideal for entrepreneurs.

Q: What kind of obstacles have you faced in launching in India that you did not foresee? What challenges did you face?

A: The size and diversity of India is a challenge. Having unique and diverse regions comes with different club loyalties, distinct fan behavior, and various levels of football fan viewership. It is important to understand and get a good handle on what the data is telling you. And that is going to be challenging to anybody who wants to expand their business into India.

Q: So, how did teaming up with us help you navigate through these challenges?

A: The Times Group provided our company with the local knowledge you need to advertise in India. They not only understand which channels to market, but where to market first. They cater their advertisements and messaging to local communities within the country. For example, they were able to get Radio DJs to advertise our app by catering to individual markets in India’s various regions. The Times Group is providing us with the strategic and logistical support we needed for our app to thrive.

Q: That’s good to hear! Now that you have launched, what are you most excited about in the future for your company in India?

A: I’m most excited about the possibility for growth. I feel like we bring something unique to India that Starting 11 can offer.

Q: Great! And lastly, what advice would you give to other entrepreneurs that are fearful of stepping out of their comfort zone -- and expanding to India’s mass market?

A: I would encourage entrepreneurs to go for it. As a company that has a business to consumer model and is a local platform, India provides a lot of opportunity and great contenders -- as long as you have the right partner. Part of the fear is not having the knowledge on how to market well and not having a relationship to India. My main advice would be to work with the right partners, then you’ll be able to market and expand successfully.

Q: Amazing advice! It was great talking with you Teague!

A: It was my pleasure.

You can learn more about Teague’s Starting 11 at https://starting11.io/!